Old Salt (2012)


Artwork: Old Salt (2012)

Genre: outdoor non-verbal physical theatre performance

Role: performer

Description: This performance looks at the historical significance of Malta’s Grand Harbour and presents multiple perspectives on how life and love were experienced by women partnered to corsairs and captains in the 18th and 19th centuries.

Based on factual events and historical figures, Old Salt presents the lives of four women each burdened by a personal and potentially tragic love story. As they wait by the shores of the Grand Harbour their relationships are developed and secrets are shared. Events unfold to reveal a surreal and lonely universe wherein these four women discover both real and imaginary beasts that can emerge from the sea’s dark waters. The performance features rich multi-media content as tales are recounted through mime, poetry, and drama, and include masks, illustrations, giant moving beasts, and the sound of stringed music performed by a live international quartet from a sculpted shipwreck berthed on land.



Old Salt: (A) Portrait of Seamenrubberbodies OLD SALT the rubberbodies collective_2 OLD SALT the rubberbodies collective_5 OLD SALT the rubberbodies collective_3

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