-hEx: inverting geometry

Duration: 50min

October 2012, Valletta

hEx: inverting geometry is an interactive video and performance installation exploring the aesthetics and properties of auxetic materials. The installation was presented in two arrangements either as a live interactive performance installation with performers or else as a video installation.

The two performers presented a looping set of movements, drawing on the visual architectures found on a cellular level within auxetic materials. The performers in the physical space are translated to the virtual environment projected live in the space. The performer’s virtual body affects the virtual environment, deconstructing and reconstructing those linear geometrical forms found within it. The scientific processes of cellular manipulation to innovate new materials are hereby recreated in this interactive installation.


Performers Rebecca Camilleri, Ira Melkonyan; Composer Andre Borges; Digital and Visual Artist Anthony Askew; Research Collaborators Daphne Attard, Joseph Grima; Images Liza Koval; Darrin Zammit-Lupi; Video Liosha Katashinsky; Production The Rubberbodies Collective; Commission of The Science in the City 2012 Festival.