Inspired by the contradictions and paradoxes found in the symbiotic and parasitic existence of all things, Ira Melkonyan (b.1988) is a theater performer, and a scientist. Melkonyan trained in the theater studios of her native city, Odessa, from the age of 14, whilst simultaneously practicing biology and chemistry at a regional and national level. In 2010, Melkonyan was awarded a Masters degree in Microbiology and Virology from the Odessa National University. Her experimental tendencies were granted breathing space on the Mediterranean island of Malta in May 2009 when she became a member of the multi-disciplinary artist collective rubberbodies. Across 2011-2012, Ira studied in the European College of Liberal Arts, Berlin, concentrating on Philosophy, Art History, and Aesthetics. Currently Melkonyan is part of DAS-Theatre in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

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