Duration: 290min

October 2017, Valletta Malta

During the week leading to the 7th October 2017 we adapted Upstairs Geology-I (premiered at DasArts, Amsterdam in June 2017) to an unconverted construction site in Strait Street, Valletta, Malta. The site presented different opportunities then the white cube studio set-up we had previously. Together with a dedicated team we transformed the site to host a 5-hour durational performance installation.

Credits: Ira Melkonyan, Jimmy Grima, Matthew Micallef, Sean Decelis, Julia Camilleri, Valentina Oliva, Sandra Zaffarese, Aidan Corlette, Nicole Blackman, Michael Grima, Franklin Grima, Svitlana Melkonyan, Khaled Abugrin, Lauren Salerno, Cheyenne X-yn.

Performed at Notte Bianca Festival 2017, Valletta, Malta.