#5. Medicine Unboxed

Organisation: Medicine Unboxed

Condensed Biography: Since 2009, the Medicine Unboxed project has been bringing together the public, health professionals, politicians and artists to engage in a discussion about the values, beliefs, language and voices that inform medicine.

Location: London, UK


DICOM file xogram_2 Medicine Unboxed 2012 HUGH TURVEY

Artwork#1: Xograms by HUGH TURVEY @ Medicine Unboxed 2012: BELIEF – The Exhibition

Genre: photography, x-ray photography

Description: If seeing is believing, then HUGH TURVEY, artist in residence at the British Institute of Radiology, helps us suspend our disbelief. Hugh is an artist looking for transparency in a ‘smoke and mirrors’ world of spin and media manipulation. He is fascinated by what is hidden and, in focusing on the spaces in between, his Xograms make the everyday appear uncommon, debunking the myth that beauty is only skin deep.

Website: http://www.x-rayartist.com/xogram


Kiera wearing floral leg photographed by Rosemary Williams Floral leg photographed by Rosemary Williams Oriental leg photographed by Annie Walters

Crystalized leg photographed by Omkaar Kotedia

Artwork#2: Sophie de Oliveira Barata from the Alternative Limb project @ Medicine Unboxed 2014: FRONTIERS

Genre: prosthetics, design

Description: Alternative Limb Project takes an artistic approach to prosthetic limb design to create unique and personalised limbs for amputees.

Website:  http://www.thealternativelimbproject.com/


Websites:  https://plus.google.com/+medicineunboxed/about


Quote: The Medicine Unboxed Creative Prize champions a less reductive, less consumerist view of illness and medicine – and the human fragility that underlies both.

Our intention is, in the words of Francis Bacon, “to deepen the mystery”, by celebrating an authentic creative connection between art and medicine.

The Guardian “Good Medicine is realised as much thorough art as science” by Peter Thomas and Sam Guglani, 6th June 2014

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