Adam Brandejs and zipped organs

Adam Brandejs and his genpets project, except of being well known, are really cool.

Following my disturbing mood, I went on his web-site. And here is another project discovery, the one which was less discussed by the public but still super thought-provoking and challenging: a short film for which Adam produced a prop:

Media: Silicon, latex, custom blood mix, metal, fibreglass.

Film: Stop motion short by Ania Smolenski.

Summary: guy getting ready for work unzips his chest, washes his intestines in the sink, and zips back up.
Summary of Prosthetics: 1 small zipper prostetic attached to actor. 1 fake chest with second zipper, 8 feet of latex intestine.

More information, details and fun at Adam Brandejs web-site.

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