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Alexis Rockman (born 1962) is an American contemporary artist known for his paintings that provide rich depictions of future landscapes as they might exist with impacts of climate change and evolution influenced by genetic engineering. He lives in New York City, and works out of a studio in the city’s TriBeCa neighborhood.

When I saw the paintings, for some reason i thought of Hieronymus Bosch. Proceed to compare the two: Alexis Rockman “Neozoic Era” (2000)

vs Bosch “Garden of Earthly Delight”  (detail, c 1500):

Los Angeles Times reviews author was on the similar wavelength with me, but pushed it further, creating fascinating combination of concepts:

If Walt Disney Productions and Hieronymus Bosch collaborated on a painting, it might look like one of Alexis Rockman’s 19 stunning watercolors at Thomas Solomon’s Garage. From Disney, the New York-based artist has taken the illusory stop-action suspension of single animation cels, and the more-beautiful-than-life intensity of computer-assisted color saturation. From the 15th-Century Dutch painter of scenes of unnatural depravity, he has taken the subject of the natural order running amok–not toward eventual renewal via ripe maturity, grisly death and festering decay–but profoundly out of whack from the very beginning, with no hope for redemption.

Isn’t this world fascinating??…

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