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Artist: Phillip Stearns Condensed Biography: Phillip Stearns works at the intersection of art, philosophy, and science, drawing upon a variety of disciplines including installation, circuit sculpture, writing, audio-video works, performance art, and musical composition. The driving force motivating his practice comes from an intense fascination with technological objects and a deep skepticism towards modern applications […]

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Artist: The Builders Association Condensed Biography: a performance and media company that creates original productions based on stories drawn from contemporary life. The company uses the richness of new and old tools to extend the boundaries of theater. Based on innovative collaborations, Builders’ productions blend stage performance, text, video, sound, and architecture to tell stories […]

Listen to His Heart

The idea of re-focusing audience’s attention from “personal” sounds to the ones produced by the lifeless instruments is the main one behind the soundscape performance installation.

Christmas Jellyfish

Meet Ernst Haeckel, A German biologist, philosopher and artist. He coined many words commonly used by biologists today, such as phylum, phylogeny, and ecology. Haeckel also stated that “politics is applied biology”, a quote used by Nazi propagandists. Haeckel was a zoologist, an accomplished artist and illustrator, and later a professor of comparative anatomy. Although Haeckel’s ideas are very important to the […]