Stressed humans. stressed bacteria.

Would the room around me have been covered in fluorescent light, if the experiment had been performed on the humans surrounding me??

It was c-lab again who performed Stress-o-stat”, a living artwork that visually captures stress in bacteria as light. The life-size installation, combines scientific instruments, methods and aesthetics to produce a real and speculative device.

The huge and complex chemostat machine that produces light stress for the bacteria culture is very similar to the huge amount of complexities of this Monday:




To control stress parameters as light, the work employs a fermentation setup called a chemostat.  It consists of pumps, tubes, vessels and monitoring parts – all connected in a functional manner to maintain homeostasis in cell population.

Can the description of this apparatus be a description of the things to do listed in my diary? send, bring, go, call, buy, create=pumps, tubes, vessels, monitors..and yes, all interconnected!!

Let’s face the stress!and illuminate with fluorescent light

c-lab:stress-o-stat project 

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