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Artist: Hotel Pro Forma

Condensed Biography: Hotel Pro Forma is an international laboratory of visual music performance and installations…

…The structure of the work is strongly anchored in music, visual arts and architecture and does not follow traditional theatrical structures. Instead the work presents visual and musical universes that investigate universal subjects such as evolution, world cultures, perspective and gravity.

The audience is presented with themes and subjects in new contexts, and experimental technology in audio-visuals, light and sound is often developed for each work, so that the subject matter is seen, heard and experienced anew.

Since 1985 Hotel Pro Forma has produced more than 50 works shown in over 30 countries, ranging from exhibitions to performances. The artistic director is visual artist Kirsten Dehlholm.

Location: Copenhagen, Denmark 

Artwork#1: TOMORROW IN A YEAR: A Darwin electro-opera (2009)

Genre: Visual theatre, opera, performance

Description: The world seen through the eyes of Charles Darwin forms the basis for the performance. Theatre production company Hotel Pro Forma’s striking visuals blend with pop-duo The Knife’s ground-breaking music to create a new species of electro-opera.

An opera singer, a pop singer and an actor perform The Knife’s music and represent Darwin, time and nature on stage. Six dancers form the raw material of life. Together with the newest technology in light and sound, our image of the world as a place of incredible variation, similarity and unity is re-discovered.

Image Claudi Thyrrestrup Image Claudi Thyrrestrup Singer Jonathan Johansson Dancer Agnete Beierholm
Website: http://www.hotelproforma.dk/projects/tomorrow-in-a-year/

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