#7.2_Hotel Proforma_Cosmos+

Artist: Hotel Pro Forma

Condensed Biography: Hotel Pro Forma is an artistic production company that, using a visual and musical form of theatre, illustrates large issues, seen from new angles and in new ways. Beautiful and sublime are words often applied to the works.

Hotel Pro Forma was started by the visual artist Kirsten Dehlholm in 1985, since when it has created and put on performances, operas and exhibitions throughout the world.

Location: Copenhagen, Denmark


Artwork#2: COSMOS+: a Big Bang Performance about the Wonders of the Universe. For audiences 6-99 years old.  (2014) 

Genre: Theatre, visual theatre, performance

Description: Created with the aim of arousing enthusiasm and curiosity about the beauty and many mysteries of the universe.

COSMOS+ brings us closer to the stars, the planets, the sun, comets and asteroids and such phenomena as supernova, white dwarfs, red giants, black holes, dark matter and dark energy, background radiation and the Big Bang.

It is a composition of live performance with text, music, projections and light.

COSMOS by Dmitrij Matvejev_3 COSMOS by Dmitrij Matvejev_1 COSMOS by Dmitrij Matvejev 

Website: http://www.hotelproforma.dk/projects/cosmos/
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