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Artist: Hotel Pro Forma

Condensed Biography: Hotel Pro Forma is an artistic production company that, using a visual and musical form of theatre, illustrates large issues, seen from new angles and in new ways. Beautiful and sublime are words often applied to the works.

Hotel Pro Forma was started by the visual artist Kirsten Dehlholm in 1985, since when it has created and put on performances, operas and exhibitions throughout the world.

Location: Copenhagen, Denmark


Artwork#3: SITE SEEING ZOOM: A performance with access through the media to the world of memory (2001)

Genre: Performance, performance installation, visual art, digital art

Description: A collaboration between Hotel Pro Forma and the digital art collective Crosscross (France).

Site Seeing Zoom reflects the interplay of man and computer and rejoices at the diversity of the world.

Like hovering pilots we travel in the landscape of memory, zoom in and out, change angle, speed and height. We map and catalogue human ways of expression. We use the navigation in a virtual architecture as the composition and the narrative style of the performance. The movement of the travel is projected on screens as sequences of images that are doubled, reflected, and repeated like living memory itself. The audience walks round the cross-structure of the screens and experience the performance from different angles.

Duration: 66 minutes

Hotel Pro Forma Zoom _5 Hotel Pro Forma Zoom _3 Hotel Pro Forma Zoom _2 Hotel Pro Forma Zoom _1

Website: http://www.hotelproforma.dk/projects/site-seeing-zoom-english/
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