Quote#4_Good Medicine

  “Good medicine is about more than a set of technical decisions or interventions involving drugs, operations and tests. It demands identification with another’s suffering, moral deliberation, wisdom and insight. The arts can illuminate this view of medicine. But it is not enough to expose doctors training in medical schools to the humanities, and there’s […]

post#4.3_warren neidich

Artist: Warren Neidich Condensed Biography: a post-conceptual artist, theorist and writer who explores the interfaces between cultural production, brain research and cognitive capitalism. “Art Before Philosophy not After”. His interdisciplinary works combines photographic, video, internet downloads, scotch tape and noise installations. Location: Berlin, Germany; Los Angeles, United States Artwork#3: The Journal of Neuro-Aesthetic Theory Genre: Online publication […]

Quote#3_irrational activity

  “Irrational activity can be useful for revealing surprising passages between unconventionally related concepts and situations, or for moving away from established, controlled territories altogether. Unpredictability can be a mode of darkened exploration into veiled or marginal places.” Artist: Maximilian Goldfarb Condensed Biography: a multimedia artist who works with activating situations that become integrated with […]


“It is now almost 25 years since the U.S. Congress authorized the then president, George Bush Sr., to proclaim the decade beginning January 1, 1990 as the Decade of the Brain. This proclamation stimulated a number of initiatives that substantially benefitted neuroscience research in the following years. Alongside this rise of neuroscience and the corresponding […]

Quote#1_scientific advances and artists

Artist: Matthew Ostrowski Condensed Biography: a composer and performer of electronic music Location: Brooklyn, US Website: www.ostrowski.info Quote: “ …“Today’s avant-garde is the world of science”: I believe that it is not, and that the entire idea of granting avant-garde status to scientific research is a travesty. “Avant-garde” is not the same as “à la […]